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Hi there. My name is Melissa. And in spite of the fact that I had┬ánever read any of Dickens’ works until this project, I do read a lot of other things. I’m also a technical writer and illustrator, wife, cat owner and auntie. I like to read, write, sing, ride my bike, and attempt to grow vegetables and flowers in the too short Calgarian summer. I don’t like country music or Brussels sprouts. I like Star Trek and cheesecake. I love to read.

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Ezri and Dickens :-)

2 comments to About me

  1. Cecilia says:

    I like Star Trek and love to read, too.

  2. Baron Steve Martin says:

    Melissa, great to meet you at the Dickens Day Saturday and hear your talk. You will now have my e-mail should you wish to know anything about Gads Hill Place.

    As a Dickens and cat fan, I take it you have read The Master’s Cat: The Story of Charles Dickens as Told by His Cat (Eleanor Poe Barlow (Author))

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