Dombey’s domestic disasters

Dear Charlie,

Remember when I was telling you I felt a bit becalmed in Dombey & Son?

Yeah, I’m so over it.

Paul Jr. has become a fading memory alongside the cartload of new developments. It feels like you said “screw it,” put all your characters into a box, shook it violently, and then dumped them all out again and looked to see where they landed, because pretty much no one is where they were fifty pages ago (except poor Toots, who is still pining over Florence).

Me. Last night.

First the awesome Susan Nipper gives Dombey a piece of her mind and gets sacked, which really surprised me (in a good way). And then last night I stayed up far too late reading about that fantastically tense dinner with Dombey, Edith, Florence and Carker, when BLAM! Suddenly Edith’s gone AWOL with Carker, Dombey gets all violent with Florence, and Florence finally reaches her breaking point and is now hiding out with Captain Cuttle.If you’ll pardon the language, holy shit! Take THAT, Dombey, you arrogant asshole! I don’t know about “Dombey & Son” – maybe “Dombey’s Disastrous Domestic Delusions” would be a more appropriate title at this point.

Before you say anything, yes, I recognize that Edith is just as proud as her husband and is not entirely blameless for the mess their marriage was right from day one, but boy was I cheering in my head for her when Dombey finds her gone. Not that things will be rosy for her now – assuming that she is, in fact, holed up with Carker, he’s not exactly the type of guy you want to get cuddly with.

So the seeds have been scattered to the winds, there are a ton of loose threads right now, and I definitely care enough about the characters to want to find out what happens to them all. That temporary lull is now a tempest of interesting developments. Nice work, Mr. D.



P.S. Walter better not be dead. Just sayin’.

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