The halfway point!

Dear Charlie,

It’s been almost exactly six months since we began our journey together, and last night I finished the first volume of Dombey & Son, which is the 18th of the 36 volumes of your complete works.

We are here.

Reaching the halfway mark is kind of surreal – I can’t believe six months have passed so quickly, I can’t believe I’ve read 18 volumes without getting completely sick of you (on the contrary, I become more attached to you daily), and I can’t believe we’ve had almost 9,000 visitors to this humble blog. Yay us!

Also, while we’re on the subject of Dombey, can I just say that Edith Granger is frickin’ awesome. I didn’t think I’d like her, but those were some intense conversations with her mother before her wedding. She has to be the most self-aware and realistic female character I’ve seen from you so far, and I really feel for her. Nicely done, Mr. D.

Onward, my friend!


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