Dear Charlie,

I can’t believe it, but our entirely one-sided correspondence has just garnered 5,000 visits! Compared to your own vast readership it’s modest, I know, but I’m still thrilled. In celebration, I’d like to show you a portrait of you I discovered by a fantastic artist named  David Johnson.

Pretty cool, eh? I thought you’d like it.

Oh, and I just finished reading about Mr. Pecksniff’s oh-so-creepy advances to Mary. I thought Quilp was frightening, but Pecksniff is just…something else. So slimy and sanctimonious and just eewww. At least Mary has sense enough to see it, even if she’s being backed into a corner. What a character!

Well, I’ll let you get back to whatever famous dead authors do. Here’s to the next 5,000 visits!!





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