Quoth the raven, “No Popery!”

Dear Charlie,

Today I experienced one of those strange art-meets-life moments, when I stumbled across the Atlas Obscura and discovered that a) Barnaby’s pet raven, Grip, was a real bird, b) he was your pet (or pets, since it turns out you had more than one raven named Grip), and c) he still exists! If you’re ever in the neighborhood of the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Rare Book Department, you should pop in and get reacquainted. The world is full of amazing things, isn’t it? How he got there must be a story in its own right.

I can’t quite believe he’s real…

This makes me wonder if there are other authors’ pets who have been incorporated into literature and/or stuffed for posterity. If so, they should all be in the same museum. Now that would be an interesting place to visit…

Anyway, can’t stay to chat.



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